League Rules

  • Each game will consist of 40 minutes – split into quarters and include 60 seconds break between each quarter
  • Each team must be ready to play and be court side 10 minutes prior to their start time
  • Each team must wear the same colour top where possible underneath bibs
  • Bibs will be provided for teams unless a team brings their own
  • £35 per team must be paid before their game commences. Please note if borrowing players it is still the teams responsibility to pay the full £35 even if the borrowed player pays no monies towards the total
  • A team must have a minimum 4 players from their own team and borrow no more than 3 players.
  • Any team borrowing players must play them across the centre court – WD/C/WA and no borrowed player can play in either circle
  • A player upon playing for the 1st time in the league for a team is then registered to that team
League rules cont.
  • Any more than 3 borrowed players will result in the game going ahead and full fees to be paid but the match is played as a friendly and an auto 10-0 win for the opponents.
  • Should a team forfeit a game and no team can be found to play in their place in a friendly the forfeiting team are responsible for the full £70 fee owed for the game which does not take place
  • 5 points will be awarded for a win, 3 points for a draw, 1 point for half of your opponents score in a loss
  • Each team must nominate a player of the match for the opposing team after each game
  • Where there is more than 1 division the bottom 2 teams from division 1 and 2 will be relegated into division 2 and 3 with the top 2 teams from division 2 and 3 promoted.
  • If a team does not have a minimum 5 players to play the match 10 minutes after the scheduled start time they forfeit their game and full fee is still owed to cover costs of venue and umpires.
  • Umpires MUST be respected. Any and all umpire decisions are final. Should a TEAM be reported to the league by the officials for not respecting the rules, umpiring decisions or general poor game behaviour the league can issue a warning to the team. If the team repeat this behaviour and are reported a 2nd time in the same season a 2 point penalty can/will be applied to the teams total.

Specific mixed league rules

  • In Mixed netball games all rules consist of the same traditional netball rules applied by All England Netball Association
  • Each team will consist of a minimum 7 players in which a maximum 3 male players are permitted to play at any one time per team
  • 2 males cannot occupy the same circle positions and must be spread across court. Example – 2 males cannot play GK/GD, GA/GS. There will be times where males will cross the same third during a game which is expected and acceptable.

Covid Specific Rules

Rule Modifications

  • 4ft Spacing at the start of play
  • 4 ft. marking
  • 4 ft. position of penalised player
  • Removal of toss ups
  • Removal of idle interactions


  • 2 umpires used
  • Must ensure players adhering to the rule modifications
  • Maintain 4 ft. away from the players
  • Do not deliver the ball at a centre pass

Hygiene & Safety Measures

  • Players are required to sanitise their hands at the start and the end of each quarter
  • A freshly sanitised ball/cleaned ball for each quarter
  • Social norms such as handshakes and high 5’s no longer permitted
  • The post protectors will be sanitised prior to the start of the match
  • Shouting is not permitted
  • No sharing of water bottles
  • No sharing of bibs

Please note, any actions which can increase the risk of covid ie stepping in and shortening the 4ft distance and face to face marking are also no longer permitted. Trinity Netball will also provide temperature checks for anyone entering the playing area on their arrival.