Woodhouse Grove

Spring/Summer Season 2021

12th April 2021

6.20pm: Busters vs Stop The Count
6.20pm: A-Teens 9-13 Firebolts
6.30pm: Vipers 18-7 Goal Diggers
7pm: Pitch Slap 11-12 Balls of Duty
7pm: Magnets 14-3 Shock Advised
7.10pm: Titans 49-18 GOT
7.40pm: Cobras 18-26 Carreby
7.40pm: The Kings 14-25 Aireheads
7.50pm: BBEC 17-15 Panthers
8.20pm: Shipley 24-13 Hoops
8.20pm: Raiders 14-16 Norfolk

19th April 2021

6.20pm:  A-Teens vs Carreby
6.20pm: Busters vs Balls of Duty
6.30pm: Stop The Count vs Shock Advised
7pm: Raiders vs Aireheads
7pm: Titans vs Cobras
7.10pm: Firebolts vs GOT
7.40pm: Pitch Slap vs Hoops
7.40pm: Vipers vs BBEC
7.50pm: Magnets vs Shipley
8.20pm: Panthers vs Goal Diggers
8.20pm: The Kings vs Norfolk