Woodhouse Grove - Full fixtures below

This weeks fixtures

19th July 2021

6.20pm GOT vs Cobras

6.20pm Busters vs Shipley

6.30pm Shock Advised vs Pitch Slap

7pm Titans vs Firebolts

7pm Goal Diggers vs BBEC

7.10pm Aireheads vs Vipers

7.40pm Carreby vs Trojans

7.40pm Magnets vs Hoops

7.50pm Nets Get It On vs Balls of Duty

8.20pm Kings vs Raiders

8.20pm Norfolk vs Panthers

Spring/Summer Season 2021

Monday 2nd August

6.30pm Pitch Slap 8-37 GOT
7.10pm Titans 37-11 The Kings
7.50pm Hoops 12-26 Randoms (Friendly)

6.30pm Busters 12-12 Alphas
7.10pm Shock Advised 4-34 Shipley
7.50pm Vipers 25-22 Raiders

6.30pm Cobras 21-15 Aireheads
7.10pm Goal Diggers 23-19 Panthers
7.50pm Norfolk 25-23 Firebolts